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Mandrel Pipe Bender.

Handrails, headboard bows, brush rails, builders bars, canopies

  • 3" ERW - 76.2mm x 2mm wall - CLR 152.4mm
  • 2 1/2" ERW x 2mm wall - CLR 127mm
  • 2" ERW - 51mm x 3mm wall - CLR 150mm, CLR 100mm, CLR 95mm
  • 65NB black light - 76.1mm x 3.2mm - CLR 152.4mm
  • 50NB black light - 60.3mm x 2.9mm - CLR 150mm
  • 40NB black Lght & X Lght - 48.3mm x 2.9mm - CLR 100mm
  • 20NB black light - 26.9mm x 2.3mm - CLR 75mm

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