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Jason Brewer

Jason Brewer - B&B owner/manager

Jason is the oldest of 3 sons and was born and bred in the area originally coming from a dairy farm near Bell. He often mentions to his sons now how he (being the oldest) had to get up and help milk cows before school.

When Jason was 15, the family moved to the Cecil Plains district working on an irrigation cotton farm. Following that the family purchased a grain farm at Macalister where his parents are still running now, growing grain when it actually rains.

After graduating year 12 Jason gained an apprenticeship at Miitze in 1995. While at Miitze Industries he worked on augers, conveyors, silos, chaser bins and other grain handling equipment. He stayed on for another year after completing his trade where he then moved on to Dingo Mini Diggers where he worked his way up to the position of factory foreman.

In 2008 he started his own business B&B Fabrication. Since starting B&B Fabrication he has had a wide range of customers from gas to dealerships and farmers and everything in between.

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