Steel fabrication for oil and gas sites

Our services for steel fabrication for oil and gas sites include – components, signs, frames, fencing, containers,housings and repairs to equipment and structures

One off and small through to high volume production runs supported by plasma cutters, specialist welding meeting the code of practice for “welding Processes” under section 274 of the WHOS Act and complete fabrication facilities.

B&B Fabrication Specialise in Operations and Maintenance infrastructure. We understand the importance of quick turnaround services in order to keep our customers businesses and work production flowing. Our enthusiasm towards responsiveness to limit your down time has a gravitational pull for repeat customers.

B & B Fabrication are sensitive to project deadlines. We like to work with the companies needs. B & B Fabrication strives to provide rapid response services and paperwork trail including quotes and invoices and other communications. We are able to be contacted after hours. B & B Fabrication is also able to offer progressive delivery for component work as we have sufficient space to hold components until needed.

B & B Fabrication has a pool of “off time workers” or “Ghost” workers that we call on when we briefly need extra staff. We also have a close working relationship with other local welding companies that can pool their expertise with our company when necessary.

Dalby and West, including Western Downs, Surat Basin and Central QLD, Goondiwindi and into NSW is where we prefer to concentrate on supply of our products and services, however we are flexible and open to new opportunities.

Trucks, Trailers and Transport

Products & Services:

B&B Fabrication provides a responsive repair and equipment servicing on site and in our drive through modern workshop.

  • Quick response service – 24/7 Support for key clients.
  • Truck Repairs and modifications including Chassis
  • Rubber Mudguards
  • Fuel and water tank repairs.
  • Heavy machinery welding repairs including dozer, excavator, forklift, Grader.
  • Gooseneck ball installation
  • Custom Trailers, flat tops, tippers,
  • Aluminium Tippers


Products & Services:

Industrial buildings – structures, fit outs, benches, panels, stairs, railings, platforms, cabinets.


Products & Services:

Machinery and equipment – new components, trailers, stock crates, Ute trays, machine modifications; repairs and maintenance to frames, structures, components and housings.

Both our company directors and the majority of our employees come from farming backgrounds, giving them a greater understanding of your agriculture requirements. As part of our steel fabrication services, we carry out repairs and modifications to your farming equipment.

We are the only fabricator in the whole of Dalby that is focused on agricultural equipment
modifications. We focus on conversions for header fronts as well as machinery alterations and
modifications. This includes extensions, reductions, cutting and shutting of farming implements to
fit standard cropping rollers including headers, planters and cultivators.

B & B Fabrication’s business foundation’s is built on innovative ways to modify existing machinery
while on a budget to be more versatile. By working closely with our customers thoughts and
budgets B & B Fabrication are able to engineer a custom/unique machine or structure that
matches no other.

General Fabrication

Structures, Fit outs and Containers

  • Steel structures – building frames, towers, platforms, stairs, railings
  • Structural steel fabrication
  • Construction of small steel structures.
  • Sheds and shed extension frames.
  • Stock Crates
  • Skip bins.
  • Storage bins.
  • Steel cages.
  • Fuel and water tank repairs.
  • Fence panels, gates and security work.
  • Shelter sheds and covers.
  • Container stands.
  • Steel work benches
  • Steel skids
  • Sign frames.
  • Adjustable Steels Stumps.
  • Poly pipe/bore casing stands.


  • Custom Steel Components including machinery components, brackets, base plates, mounts

Machinery and Equipment

  • Construction of custom made heavy duty trailers and tippers
  • Supply of farm machinery trailers to agricultural dealerships
  • Ute modifications including sides, trays, toolbox installation, fitting of cranes
  • Modifications to farm machinery

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