Machinery and equipment – new components, trailers, stock crates, Ute trays, machine modifications; repairs and maintenance to frames, structures, components and housings

Both our company directors and the majority of our employees come from farming backgrounds, giving them a greater understanding of your agriculture requirements. As part of our steel fabrication services, we carry out repairs and modifications to your farming equipment.

We are the only fabricator in the whole of Dalby that is focused on agricultural equipment modifications. We focus on conversions for header fronts as well as machinery alterations and modifications. This includes extensions, reductions, cutting and shutting of farming implements to fit standard cropping rollers including headers, planters and cultivators.

B & B Fabrication’s business foundation’s is built on innovative ways to modify existing machinery while on a budget to be more versatile. By working closely with our customers thoughts and budgets B & B Fabrication are able to engineer a custom/unique machine or structure that matches no other.

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